In which I have a bad run.

Something that troubled me as a new runner–and still troubles me today nearly a year later–is when I have a bad run for no good reason. Sure, I understand bad runs the day after I’ve drank too much alcohol. Or slept too little. Or not drank enough water throughout the day. I get those. I expect those.

It’s these random bad runs that I can’t trace back to a cause which drive me crazy. I’m left wondering why. Why is my calf cramping up? Why are my quads screaming at me? Why do I feel like I’ve done 100 squats when yesterday was a rest day? And why does this have to happen when it’s 75 degrees, sunny and gorgeous outside? Bad runs in good weather just suck.

And when a bad run happens the week of a race?

My confidence takes off running…much faster than me, unfortunately. I have a 5k on Saturday morning, and I have a target time in mind.

And yeah. I had a crappy run on Monday. I headed out for 4 miles, and was pretty happy when I stuck with it for 3. Too bad it was at turtle speed…two minutes/mile slower than my target time.

I will not let this sink my confidence for Saturday. I will not let this suck the joy out of running. I will not.