Way Back Whens…day…one of the defining moments of my mothering life

The incident described in the below post, from February 5, 2009, goes down as one of the defining moments of my mothering life. I laughed. I cried. I freaked out. I pulled it together. But most of all, I realized the depth of my love for my children. 


Monday afternoon quickly turned from a typical day to what I affectionately call “hell on earth.” 🙂

A little before 3:00 pm, I started to make soup for dinner. As I was chopping veggies, Addie started to fuss and whine. That’s pretty common, so I didn’t think much of it. Except she threw up soon after she started fussing. I scooped her and Aidan up and brought them into the family room. I quickly cleaned Addie up, then put on Sesame Street so I could clean up the kitchen. While I was cleaning up the kitchen, she threw up again. At this point, I decided to bring them both upstairs for a quick bath. They were playing in the bath when Addie started fussing. Again, she threw up. I quickly took Aidan out of the bath and dried him off. Then I rinsed off Addie and wrapped her in a towel. While I was doing this, Aidan peed on the floor. I wiped that up, then brought them both into Addie’s room. She was pretty upset, so I held her in the rocking chair and let Aidan play naked. Since he just peed, I figured I had a litte time before I needed to get a diaper on him. I called Nick to tell him what was happening. While I was talking to him, I looked up and saw Aidan pooping on the floor! Nick got a play by play over the phone which went something like this, “Oh my God. Oh my God, he’s pooping. There is poop on the floor! Oh my God, he’s walking and he’s pooping!!!!” (LOL, right!?!) At this point, I am having a mini-breakdown so I hang up on Nick. Then I dealt with the poop.

We went back into the bathroom where I cleaned Aidan up, and got diapers on everyone. I thought I had better call Nick back to let him know I had the situation under control. But when I was telling him this on the phone, Addie puked on me again. This caused me to have another breakdown on the phone. After a pep talk from Nick, I brought them back upstairs and put them in the big tub in our master bath (as there was poop residue in their bath tub). We all got in and got cleaned up quickly. At this point, I called the pediatrician. The nurse said we could come in or wait for the doctor to call us back. I decided to wait for a call because I was worried about Addie puking all over the car and the doctor’s office.

So, we headed back downstairs to the family room. Guess what? She puked again. In a mini-panic, I called Nick and my mom. My mom came over to watch Aidan, and Nick was meeting me at the doctor’s office. We arrived around 4:45 pm. (If you’re keeping track, Addie threw up 5 times in one hour and 45 minutes.) She threw up in the waiting room and again in the exam room. Since she wasn’t interested in drinking any fluids, the doctor decided to admit her to the hospital for IV fluids and a 24 hour observation period.

We went home to pack up some stuff and to pick up Aidan, and we arrived at the hospital around 5:45. Poor Addie threw up a few times at home and while she was getting admitted. Once we were settled in the room, we had to wait and wait and wait. She threw up again. At this point, she was so weak and pale. I felt awful for the poor little thing. We ended up waiting until almost 10:00 pm for the nurse to start her IV! She handled the IV well and was so happy to be able to drink 6 oz of water/juice once it was in. She kept asking for more, but I had to wait 30 minutes before giving her more to ensure she didn’t throw it up. She actually fell asleep about 15 minutes afterwards, and slept pretty well the whole night. I stayed with her and slept on a foldout couch thing. She woke once around 3:30 when I had to change a stinky diaper, and then woke for the day around 6:30.

On Tuesday morning, she ate a saltine cracker and a few grapes and drank some more water. Nick arrived around 10:00 am, and we traded shifts. He stayed at the hospital, and I went home with Aidan. Addie continued to get better throughout the day and was discharged around 6:00 pm on Tuesday.

Now, she’s basically back to normal. Eating, drinking and sleeping are all normal. I bring her in tomorrow morning for a follow-up visit.

It was a rough 24 hours or so, but I am just so thankful that she is better now. Things could have been much worse.


My Post-Mommy Girlfriends

I read this (awesome) post yesterday from Kim at My Twinstastic Life, and it got me thinking about my group of girlfriends. I’ll be the first person to admit that, before kids, I didn’t really value the importance of my girlfriends. That’s why I don’t have any lifelong friends, and I’m not close with many of my high school or college friends anymore. Quite honestly, that makes me sad, and I know it’s my own fault for not putting forth the effort to keep in touch when our lives took different turns. But I digress…

After I got married and settled down into adult life, I realized I was lonely. I had a great husband, was working my professional life and had many acquaintances, but I yearned for close girlfriends who were in a similar stage of their lives, with similar values and goals. I prayed for a long time that God would bring just one strong Christian woman into my life as a friend. And as God is wont to do, he didn’t disappoint.

Over several years, I developed an awesome group of girlfriends. One, in particular, I know was handpicked by God to help me navigate the world of infertility treatments, IVF, twin pregnancy and parenting twins. (H, yep, I’m talking about you!)

My girls, as I like to affectionately call them, have saved my sanity on more than one occasion. From those panicked parenting calls in the early days, to commiserating when my kids were going batshit crazy for no discernible reason, to reassuring me that I would live through the tyrannical three’s….they’ve been there for me, and I’ve done the same for them.

As our close-knit circle has grown, I’ve realized that God has put each one into my life for very specific reasons.

The Straight Talker: I’ve touched on the importance of H in my life already. I consider her the straight talker of our group. She has the most kids, and she’s the perfect girl to ask for advice. As she’ll tell you, she’s the most normal person she knows, so of course, she’s the most qualified to give advice! She was my lifeline through infertility and twin pregnancy. And she continues to give me reality checks when I start to obsess over silly things, like whether my kids should go to summer school to get prepared for kindergarten. (If you’re curious, the answer is no. They’re already in full-time day care!)

The Bleeding Heart: My girl B is the most compassionate, caring person I know. She has a heart for the world, and I’m lucky that that includes me and my kids. She, unknowingly, challenges many of my beliefs and gives me the confidence to try new things, like organic gardening and eating meatless meals regularly. With an older son and a daughter the age of my twins, she also provides me with much-needed perspective. I still remember all the pep talks she gave me when I was going through a particularly difficult time with dealing with my tyrannical three-year-olds.

The Life of the Party: J is a force to be reckoned with. Never one to sit still or cautiously dip her toes into life, she blazes full-force into all that she does. J makes sure we’re all having fun regularly, and challenges us to do some pretty crazy things. (Bikini wax party anyone?) She’s my running buddy, my encourager and my fellow coupon diva. She’s also crafty, a trait I am sorely lacking. But I forgive her for that. 🙂 She’s also my go-to girl for advice regarding my son’s special needs, IEPs and therapy. I know she was handpicked by God for our little sorority, and I know she’s going to make an amazing mom.

Do you have a group of girlfriends that you can’t imagine life without?