#TBBPhotoADay / “Goals”

I found this online, and think it’s pretty awesome. It summarizes my health goals pretty nicely.



Goals for April

Inspired by the gals at Life is a Run, I’ve decided to publicly set some goals for each month . Putting my goals out here, where people can read them and then ask me if I’m following through, is going to provide me with the accountability I need to kick it in gear. (At least that’s the plan.)

April 2012 Goals

1. Lose 5 lbs. Strategy: Focus on clean eating! Reduce the processed crappy carb foods. Salads with lean protein or Shakeology for lunch during the workweek.

2. Kick butt at the half marathon on the 28th. Strategy: Commit to my scheduled training. Get plenty of rest and stay hydrated in the week before the race.

3. Do yoga at least twice a week. Strategy: Go to the lunchtime class or use my DVD at home. Just do it!

4. Clean out the kids’ closets and dressers to remove clothes that no longer fit.

5. Do at least one family fun activity each weekend. (I know this might sound silly to some people. But for us, it is hard to cram all the must-do household stuff into two days and also do something focused purely on having fun as a family.)

6. Connect with my Beachbody team at least once a week for continued training and motivation to spread the Beachbody love. 🙂