Recap of a mostly vegan week

Last week, I eased into a mostly vegan diet. I found that eating away from home was the most difficult part. From a work lunch that had sandwiches and no vegetarian options to a baby shower with sandwiches and cupcakes, I definitely had some animal products. 

But starting today, I am giving myself three weeks to really, truly eat a vegan diet. I want to see if I feel differently eating this way. Will I have more energy? Will I sleep better? Will my skin look better? I don’t know, but I want to find out. 

Some of the yummy recipes I tried last week include maple baked beans from Oh She Glows, black pepper tofu stir-fry and chili-stuffed peppers from Fat-free Vegan. I also started pinning some vegan recipes on Pinterest. I admit that I kinda don’t get the whole Pinterest thing though. It was pretty easy to pin recipes rather than save bookmarks, so maybe this vegan experiment will be the thing that makes me a Pinterest lover!

I’m looking forward to trying new recipes over the next three weeks. Any recommendations for vegan food blogs or recipe sites?


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