I am a writer

I am a writer. Not just a corporate communicator. Not just a blogger. Not just an editor. Not just a former writing teacher.

I am a WRITER.

I always have been. From the first short story about an orange cat named Marmalade that I wrote when I was seven, to the senior seminar paper I wrote in college, to that news blurb I wrote an hour ago for my day job.

I know this may not sound shocking to you considering the name of my blog–Mother.Runner.Writer.

Actually, I’ve never had a problem declaring myself as a writer, but I’ve always justified it. I’m a writing student. Or a writing teacher. Or a corporate writer. Or a new blogger. Or a freelancer.

Well guess what, babycakes…it doesn’t matter. You’re a writer just the same.

This is the first post in a series related to 15 Habits of Great Writers, facilitated by Jeff Goins at goinswriter.com. As I develop this blog, it’s my intention to include a mix of content about my running life, my family life and my writing life. By focusing on these three aspects of my life, I hope you’ll enjoy a more authentic version of me and more compelling content that strikes a chord in your own lives.


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