In Which I PR (Penguin in the Park Race Recap)

So…I did it. I surpassed my goal time for the 5k. 🙂 This is one of the reasons I love running. The challenge of setting a goal. Training. And then meeting it.

Maybe this appeals to me so much because, as moms, our thanks are few and far between. We rise at the crack of dawn. Work at home or in an office, giving our best to the tasks at hand–whether they be caring for our children or making our mark in the professional world. Then we rush through dinner, play time, bath time, stories and bedtime, just to fall into bed and rise again the next morning to do it all over again.  

When was the last time we got a medal for that?!?

Race Recap    

It was cool and humid, around 50 degrees when we started. The race went well. Everything was organized despite the crowd. There weren’t a lot of spectators throughout the course, but there was a nice group cheering at the finish line. I like to stick around at the end to cheer for everyone, even the last finishers, because I want to show my support for everyone regardless of speed. Whether walking or running, crossing 3.1 miles deserves applause. I saw so many people of all ages and fitness abilities out there today. It was pretty awesome to see people pushing themselves to the end, whether that was for a 29 minute PR (like me) or a 50 minute finish time. I’m just a sentimental muck for that kind of stuff. 🙂 

The post-race party had awesome food. I didn’t eat any of the chili, but the muffins and cookies from Mrs. Fields were delicious! I hate it when post-race food is all healthy stuff. 😉 John Bingham (of Runner’s World/Penguin fame) was the MC of the race and spoke at the after-event. It was cool to run a race with him, knowing that he’s inspired so many unlikely people to pick up running and change their lives for the better. Image                                    


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