And this answers the second most frequent question I get about distance running. (The first question being, “You ran how long? Why?!?)


Caveat: As they say, a little bit of crazy is all right.

Recently a friend asked me: “What on earth do you think about while running for three hours??  All I can think about is how much I hate running, how far I’ve gone, and when the run will be over!”    Actually, I get this question quite a bit and it is a valid question.  After all, running is 60% mind and 40% body.  Your mind will give up long before your body will. What to do with that mind of yours?  How do you cope on long runs?  How do you cope on a day you need to run, but just don’t feel like it?  I used my 17 mile run a couple days ago to ponder these very questions (thanks, Ang for the mind candy!).  You should know that any actual answers to these questions do not exist…

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