In which I have a bad run.

Something that troubled me as a new runner–and still troubles me today nearly a year later–is when I have a bad run for no good reason. Sure, I understand bad runs the day after I’ve drank too much alcohol. Or slept too little. Or not drank enough water throughout the day. I get those. I expect those.

It’s these random bad runs that I can’t trace back to a cause which drive me crazy. I’m left wondering why. Why is my calf cramping up? Why are my quads screaming at me? Why do I feel like I’ve done 100 squats when yesterday was a rest day? And why does this have to happen when it’s 75 degrees, sunny and gorgeous outside? Bad runs in good weather just suck.

And when a bad run happens the week of a race?

My confidence takes off running…much faster than me, unfortunately. I have a 5k on Saturday morning, and I have a target time in mind.

And yeah. I had a crappy run on Monday. I headed out for 4 miles, and was pretty happy when I stuck with it for 3. Too bad it was at turtle speed…two minutes/mile slower than my target time.

I will not let this sink my confidence for Saturday. I will not let this suck the joy out of running. I will not. 


2 thoughts on “In which I have a bad run.

  1. The worst part about a bad run is the run after that when you’re feeling discouraged. Just remind yourself that bad runs are pretty rare and the next one will feel 1,000,000,000 times better in comparison.

    • Thanks. I know. I am dreading my next run, afraid it is going to suck too. It also seems like the crappy runs always come right after a really great run, which make they feel even worse in comparison!

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