Training Plans

When I started running, I quickly signed up for a training squad for a local race which included a training plan. Since I was a total newbie, the plan was an awesome tool for me. I could follow along, checking the runs off each week, and feel successful. I was working toward a goal, and each workout got me one step closer to being prepared for that race.

After my half in October, I took some time off from running. I ran a few miles a few times a week, but nothing consistent. My heart just wasn’t in it for some reason. My legs felt like lead when I did run, which didn’t help matters.

It wasn’t until January that I decided to get back into regular runs. Since then, I’ve been averaging 3 runs a week plus some cross training. Ideally, I’d be getting out more and logging more miles. But without an upcoming, challenging race, I struggle with getting out for good runs four days a week.

I’m about a month-and-a-half away from my half marathon, and I need to get serious. I need a training plan ASAP. I’ve looked up the plans from that Hal H guy. I want my longest run to be 12-13 miles before the race, and I don’t want a complicated plan with hill repeats, speedwork, etc. Maybe I’m asking for too much. Or maybe I’m too lazy and need to suck it up with the hills and sprints! 🙂

What’s your favorite training plan for a half? When did you incorporate speedwork and hills into your training? Am I really missing the boat on those?


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